Precision Impact Baseball Slugs 3-pack

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ATTENTION COACHES AND PARENTS: Take your team to the next level with this proven and amazing baseball hitting aid. These Slugs are heavy sand-filled PVC balls designed and weighted to provide instant REAL-TIME feedback. Now you can adjust and fix your swing accordingly to increase your hitting power and accuracy, whether you're a Pee-Wee, intermediate, or Div I.

FIX YOUR MISTAKES: Can't drive the ball? No whip? Decelerating at the point of impact? Not following through? All these mistakes are revealed instantly with the Slugs. Force yourself to hit the dead center without any cutting or rolling.

CONVENIENCE: Because of their heavy weight and slow speed, Slugs can be safely used in your backyard, basement, or on a crowded field during warm up; all without a safety net, which means more training time, and more level ups!